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My HP IQ & A Good News !

I made a Quizz to test my HP knowledge. It's hard, and harder for me, cause I'm a french Canadian and I've read the first 5 HP Books in French, only the last one in English (cause I couldn't wait!) so the Spells, Names and mostly everything, aren't the same in all language! Thank God for the Fanfic I've read in English, it helped a lot! lol

I found it on the LJ of my Friend wendymalfoy

The Good News is that LJ added a new "Account Level" the Sponsored+ and I now have it! It's still free, but you have some banner of publicity here and there. Those of you who have a Paid Account won't see them. The cool thing is the New Features that you get with that, like 15 Userpics, Custom Mood Theme, the possibility to change the "# comment | Leave a comments" and much more option that were only for the Paid Account before. *off to go made some changes*

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