April 18th, 2021

Witcher - Hot

55 The Witcher + 112 Stock icons

Here's 55 icons on the TV series The Witcher, and 112 Stock icons, all made for challenges.

55 The Witcher:
8 Geralt & Yennefer, 27 Geralt, 18 Yennefer
1 Geralt & Ciri, 1 Cirilla

30 Stock Icons of Food/Drinks:
Christmas desserts, omelettes, salads,
tropical drinks, picnics, nachos, hot-dogs

30 Stock Icons of Animals:
Cats, hamsters, eagles, racoons, bears,
dogs, seahorses, meerkats, otters

52 Stock Icons of Scenery or Objetcs:
Greenhouses, bellflowers, dahlias, carnations,
beautiful doors, trails, mosaiculture garden,
motorcycles, clocks, hand bags, snow globes, statues

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