December 21st, 2005

HP - Harry Potter

HP Animal Version Icon Part 3 !

Here is 12 more cute Characters that I made and 10 (this number will increase with the Requests!) 'Canon and Fanon Animated Shipping' !

The Weasley 'kids' and the Potter family is now complete! (Don't ask me how comes Tiger!Lily and Stag!James had baby Lion!Harry... lol I'm also amused with the other 'Canon or Fanon' Animal Couples when I imagine what thing it would made if they had babies!)

  1. Harry Potter as a Lion (he was a Tiger here!)

  2. Lily Potter as a Tiger (her eyes were closed to look more 'girly' here!)

  3. James Potter as a Stag (what a surprise?! lol)

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