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» Welcome to my journal
» I don't make personal posts on my LJ, only icons, manips & wallpapers, I'm not sure you'll like that. Anyone is free to friend me, but I rarely friends people, cause I'm too busy to read all the posts and I feel that it's "unfair" to read personnal posts since I don't make any. Also, English is not my first language, so I prefer to friend people that speak French. But I don't mind "talking" on Communities.

I'm a French Canadian that cannot pass a day without music. I love the Harry Potter Books and Movies. I'm a Multi-shippers: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Hermione, Draco/Ginny, Harry/Draco & Sirius/Remus, but I can read other stuff like Neville/Luna, Harry/Cedric, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Remus/Hermione...

I like many TV Series: The Vampire Diaries(fav character is Damon, and fav ship Damon/Elena), Once Upon A Time(fav character is Hook aka Killian Jones, and fav ship Hook/Emma) True Blood(fav character is Eric Northman, and fav ship Eric/Sookie), Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, White Collar, Chuck, Dexter, Fringe, House M.D, Primeval, Gossip Girl, Smallville, LOST, Heroes and many more. I also like a lot the Star Wars series, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean. This LJ is in English, because most of you speak this language, but you can make comments in French if you are!

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~ I'm the Main Mod at wizard_icontest » Icon Challenges on Harry Potter Fandom & the Actors
~ I'm the Mod & BannerMaker at malfoy_icontest » Icon Challenges on the Malfoy Family (hiatus)
~ I'm a Mod & a BannerMaker at dmhg_icontest » Icon Challenges on Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger (hiatus)
~ I'm the Mod & BannerMaker at draco_chorus » Lyrical Icon Challenges on Draco Malfoy (hiatus)
~ I'm the Mod at dracomalfoyfans » Post Anything on Draco Malfoy & Draco/Anyone
~ I'm the Main Mod & BannerMaker at dramionedrabble » Draco and Hermione Drabbles (really short stories)
~ I'm the Mod at hp_requests » Harry Potter Requests on many things
~ I'm the Main Mod at hp_manips » Harry Potter Manips (photos manipulations)
~ I created & Mod hpfics_manips » Harry Potter Manips to illustrate a Fic/OS/Lyrics/Drabbles
~ I'm the Mod & BannerMaker at somerhalder_ic » Icon Challenges on Ian Somerhalder (hiatus)
~ I'm the Main Mod at actress_ic » Icon Challenges on Themes for any Actress
~ I'm the Main Mod at trueblood_lj » Anything on the True Blood TV Series
~ I created & Mod truebloodmanips » True Blood TV Series Manips (photos manipulations)
~ I'm the Main Mod at twilightmanips » Twilight Manips (photos manipulations)
~ I Moderate the entries at icontest_needs » A place to Request Votes and Entries for Icontest Challenges
~ I Moderate the entries at hookandemma » Anything on Hook and Emma of Once Upon A Time TV Series
~ I Moderate the entries at remy_lebeau » Gambit: X-Men Character (Comics & Movies)
~ I post graphics every day at de_daily + caroline_daily + tvdpics_daily

I'm BloodRose119 at Pottermore, and I've been sorted into Slytherin.

{ wear }

Join True Blood Manips ! Join Malfoy Icontest ! Join Draco/Hermione Icontest ! Join HP Requests !

I took part in this project as well as many other members of dmhg_icontest click the little banner to come see them :)

The Textures & Text Brush(most of them do both, so I didn't bother to seperate them) I use besides mines are from 77words, acidroses, airockz69, amethystia100, antagia, automaticxheart, bambinainnero, boho_beata, bourbonate, cielo_gris, cittacostiera, colorfilter, colormetwice, damnicons, discolore, divine_desire, drankmywar, effectiveadvice, ellaangelus, elli, emonet25, erniemay, ewanism, forbiddenstorm, foreverafter, fulminant, hexicons, snowdrifts, ice_cubed, icons_by_mea, iconobsessed, inma_ny, itsadoodle, joyfulsong, sir, lifeisdolce, luckylois, midnight_road, moonstone_icons, motjicons, lemonrocket, neke, noelit, nokitas, ocean_lounge, offbeat_upbeat, past_kingdom, phaust_, photographis, endlessdeep, emuy, rxyangl, samuraiblues, silverlilian, simpleandclean, sixtysixheavens, soopie, sparklingeye, spikesbint, spiritcoda, spooky_window, starlit_designs, tiger_tutorials, tove_91, tragic_icons, trapne, twinstrikeish, uglybusiness, wash_when_dirty, wolfatmidnight, wonderland__, xonlyashesx, youcallitwinter, zenni.

I get my Caps in HD Galleries Without the network Logo of TV Series The Vampire Diaries and True Blood at HomeOfTheNutty. The Harry Potter screencaps came from, (Gallery), ootpmoviepics, hbpmoviepics, dhmoviepics.

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$ A friend of mine gave me those links to make money online: NeoBux $ ClixSense. I'm not interested (they are sites to click ads) but maybe some of you would be. (my friend use that to pay her Paid Account and her Userpic packages on LiveJournal, but I have no idea how much time it would take you to get enough money for that... lol) Have fun clicking, if it's your thing. And I cannot answer any question about that, since I'm not a member, so just go read the FAQ on the sites.
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